This is a 45 minute program designed for primary school-age kids.

First, we learn how to flatten a portion of clay into a flat disk for the grassy-patch/nest/rocky platform for our monster. Then using a pinching method we will form the body of the monster.

Next, we add legs, wings, and tails.

Now each child gets to add their own features; fangs, scales, eyes, and of course accessories; hat, glasses, a scarf whatever they can think of!

Once the Monster landscapes have emerged from the creative process, we will decorate them using the wooden tool to create texture and patterns.

*If you would like to have your children's creations turned into ceramic to keep & enjoy forever, you will need to find a local firing service.

If you want to add colour but not have the pieces fired (leave them in their dried state) you can get your kids to paint them with and poster paint or acrylic paint that you have lying around the house, the pieces will need to be kept in a dry place.

What you'll get in your craft box

- 1.5kgs clay
- wooden tool
- sponge

What you'll need:

Comfortable shoes and clothes they don't mind getting messy
Small bowl of Water
* Optional: collect some items from the garden or anything that looks like it would leave a nice print in clay (buttons, material, bark, leaves)
Suitable for:

This is a kids indoor activity, suitable for kids from 6 to 15 years old. An adult must be present whilst kid(s) engage with the box.